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The Mythos of Endless Night


Every Halloween, Vampires of the world gather at the New Orleans House of Blues and create the sacred space known as the Endless Night Festival.  Legendary voodoo priestess Bloody Mary opens and closes the event with ritual, performing ceremonies to manifest the high frequencies of energy necessary to summon forth the patron spirit of the Endless Night: Fred Samedi.

Fred Samedi first manifested in the dreams of Father Sebastiaan and Bloody Mary, shortly after Hurricane Katrina.  Through his krewe he travels the world, gathering energy by hosting events in the halos of Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Tampa, Amsterdam, Berlin, Austria, Venice, London, Barcelona, Paris, and Prague, bringing it all home to New Orleans. Each city contributes its own secret piece of energy and character to the Great Ritual.  This ritual (“The Conjunction”) culminates and enters the world on Halloween weekend 2020, following many more halos to be visited.  Care to see where Fred Samedi goes next?

Be a part of his legend by attending Endless Night events, where you may get a glimpse of him out of the corner of your eye.  Nothing pleases Fred more than watching his guests dance the night away.  Help spread the word, or make an offering at his altar: leave a coin from a far-off land, a unique set of beads, or drink a shot of absinthe beside his skull.  Perhaps you will call to him, manifesting your magic with a toast and a howl to him at midnight before the Cirque. 

Legends always have basis in truth, don’t they?  Become part of the legend. The Endless Night awaits.


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